Friday, November 03, 2006


Okay, there is so much to say about Ryan I have no idea where to begin...
How about the top 5 Ryanisms of the past few months:
1. Just this morning Ryan was "helping" me dress Rachel (becacuse I apparently have no idea that her socks go on her feet!) and he pointed out "Mommy, 'achel has buttons!" He was in fact referring to her little nipples. He says he doesn't have them but I think he may be wrong!

2. Ryan can tell a joke! Well not really but he was knocking on the table one night and saying "knock knock"
Me: "who's there"
R: "applejuice"
Me: "apple juice who?"
R: "I don't know"
Of course we laughed and now that is his joke!

3. Pirates, how Ryan loves pirates! I taught him that they say "argh, me matey" and he now calls them "mateys". He got the FP little people pirate ship for his birthday and now he is always looking for his "mateys". He needs to have at least 1 in bed with him :)

4. Somewhere along the way he developed an obsession with Sponge Bob (who I, personally, despise). He seems to know him well enough to call him "Bob". After story time one lovely day while I was playign SAHM (also known as my maternity leave), Ryan was sporting a Sponge Bob sticker while we were at B.J.'s. The lovely old cashier aske dhim if it was Sponge Bob on his arm and he looked at her like she had sprouted a third eye and said "no, it's BOB!!!" Excuse me!
Along those lines he corrected my co-worker on Halloween when he told him he was a very nice looking dragon. Ryan insisted he was a "sinosaur". He really was a dragon!

5. just some funny words...
octopus - "ockeypuck"
Turkey - 'turty, dobble dobble, dobble"
pillow - "peeyow"
Rachel - "achel" OR Baby Duhl (girl)

he also sings and dances - his favorite songs to get his groove on to are the Mickey Mouse club( the old one), JoJo's Circus theme, and "my humps" - so well rounded!

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