Thursday, December 14, 2006

My absence and some pictures

I just wanted to post quickly about where the heck I've been for the last month. I am here. We are all fine - better than fine - GREAT! I just didn't post for a while because someone from work was fired and word on the street was that it was for blogging at work. Of course, I never talk about work on here so I guess I am okay but I thought it wise to play it cool for a while.

An attempt at a family photo on Thanksgiving. Ys, my husband ALWAYS looks like he has no idea who the rest of us are in pictues!

2 kids on Santa's lap and no one is crying??? A Christmas miracle!

I am STILL trying for the perfect Christmas card pictures. I like this one but my kids are way cuter than this!

Rachel really likes to sit. Sadly, she can't do it alone. Santa is bringing her a bumbo seat!

So she hates the hat. I LIKE and I'm the mommy!!!


Giselle said...

Does it mean there is something wrong with me that my favorite picture is of Rachel crying in the hat? How cute is she?

joana said...

Adorable pics!!! Julia is getting a bumbo chair for Christmas too. Aren't they cool!?!

Becki said...

Great pics Andrea! THanks for sharing. Have a Merry Christmas!