Friday, April 11, 2008


In an effort to post more regularly I thought I'd start with a post about each of my babies, starting with the oldest


Born - 10/8/2004 after 36 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing!

My biggest baby at 8lbs 3oz

Likes: Veggie Tales - more specifically, Silly Songs With Larry which we listen to almost continously in the van, Spongebob, watching hockey with Daddy, pizza with Mushrooms, the color red. Also likes to bargain and argue with me

Dislikes: sleep! Naps! Sleeping in his own bed! Being told no! That's pretty much it

Will grow up to be: A lawyer! Most likely a litigator given his propensity for arguing and his sense of fairness - I can not tell you how many times a day I hear "That's not Faiiiiiirrrr"

Ryan was my fist born. The one who showed me that my heart could break wide open with love. He is also my mini-me! He not only looks so much like me that upon finding a picture of a 3 year old me said "I don't remember having long hair and wearing a dress", he has my personality which is stubborn and agrumentative. We get into dead locked arguements sometimes and I frequently hear myself in him. It is funny (sometimes).

He is also the sweetest love bug EVER! He constantly hugs and kisses all of us and tells us he loves us (ignore the hugely pregnant lady in the picture)

When I was pregnant with Joey Ryan also had a baby in his tummy. HIs baby was named Jack and liked grapes! Ryan also reprimanded the fetal Joey for kicking me complete with a threat for a time out!

He adores his brother. Wants to hold him, kiss him, and (yikes!) carry him all the time!!! I am so grateful for the love he shows for them. As for his sister? Well, he likes her but doesn't like when she plays with his toys (which is all the time - her toys are no good aparently!) or when I direct my attention to her!

Ryan is 3 and half. He'll be going to VBS this summer and then preschool in the fall - how did that happen???

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Rachael said...

They just grow up too fast. I still remember Ryan as a little chubby baby. What a crack up he is though. I love him threating Joey with a time out HA! You have such a sweet boy there!