Thursday, June 21, 2007

So much happening....

Alright - I still haven't made a final decision but for weeks I have been thinking about closing the blog. I never write anymore, I never have anything exciting to say, and well, I am boring.
I like blogging - I love reading blogs even more! If I could just sit down for 10 minutes every day and write I think I would be less overwhelmed by writing an entry.
The kids are doing so many amazing things that I really want to remeber that perhaps I should contine writing!
What the heck???
Now for our REALLY big news.....
I am, most unexpectantly and shockingly, PREGNANT!!! YUP! After finally deciding that our family of 4 was perfect, fate decided we should be a party of 5!!!
I'm due around mid-January (I will be 10 weeks tommorrow).
So I didn't write about this before because honestly, I wasn't very excited about it until recently. I was actually more upset and scared than anything. Now our families know and seem excited and I guess it has worn off on us, because we are pretty happy!
This changes everything - I need a bigger car (I am pretty sure 3 car seats won't fit in an Elantra!), if it is another girl the kids will have to swap rooms since Ryan's is much bigger and could accomodate 2 kids. All logistical I know. The one thing that we know we have enough of is love.
I am still freaked out though - Ryan will be just over 3 and Rachel will be 18 months when this one comes! YIKES! My new theory is to raise them like a liter of puppies! At least there will always be someone to play with, right?
So, those of you with 3 - what's it REALLY like?????


The Mom said...

Did I write this post??

First of all, Congratulations!! The new baby news is very exciting! Our third was a "happy surprise" too. He was totally not planned, and for the first few weeks I was scared and upset and basically in denial. I guess once I started to show and heard his heartbeat I wrapped it around my head that we were going to have another baby and I started to get excited about it.

Emily was 3 1/2 and Ava turned 18 months 2 days after Max was born, so our stories are eerily similar! I won't lie... the third one is a kick in the ass, especially when your current little one is still so little. But I'm happy to say it gets easier as they get older. Max is almost 8 months old now and not as needy as a newborn. His sisters adore him and they all have a blast together. Emily will even help give Max a bottle while I'm doing something with Ava. So don't worry... you'll have your hands full in the beginning, but that's the case with all newborns, right? Soon enough you'll be at the point where you can't imagine not having these three little people around.

I too have been on the to-blog-or-not-to-blog see-saw, but I hope you keep blogging through this pregnancy so I can follow along!

Oh, and by the way, we don't have an Elantra, we have a Sonata, and all three carseats fit in the back :)

Rachael said...

Congratulations! You will have your hands full, but I bet it'll be a blast. We are thinking we are done just because we don't want to have to buy a new car LOL. So I know how that goes.
I hope you have a healthy happy pregnancy girl!