Tuesday, May 01, 2007

10 & 31

I have been a terrible blogger! So terrible, but I want to change! Isn't that half the battle, really?

So starting today I am going to post every day (except maybe the weekends because blogger and my home computer are not very friendly!)

I'll start with the kiddie update:


10 months old! Rachel had her 9 month well baby visit 2 weeks ago. She was 27 and a half inches and 17 pounds 4 oz - not to bad for a preemie, huh? Everything else checked out fine but we are getting an evaluation by Early Intervention for her gross motor skills. She is not moving. Plain and simple. She can roll, but doesn't. She can sit, but only if you put her there. Part of it, I think, is contentment. She is just very easy going and will sit if you sit her, lay down if you put her on her back and not complain at all about either. However, it appears that the muscle tone in her legs is very weak so off to therapy we go! I did read something about preemies and mucle tone development. Apparently the time spent developing outside the womb can hinder their development. Given that she only spent 5 weeks outside it seems that this could be a reasonable reason for her mild delay.

Other than that she is an absolute ANGEL! She is off baby food entirely and eats what we are eating every meal! She feeds her self, thank you very much! And does a pretty good (albeit messy) job of it!

She hasn't said any new words since last month I don't think although she does now say "mo" when she is done with what you have given her to eat and wants more. I am calling it a word! Rob agrees :)

2 teeth - bottom ones (first one came in 3/18). Occasional bouts of late night teething but it appears that Hylands Teething Tablets are the BOMB! Pop a couple in her mouth and she is good for the rest of the night!

I have stopped pumping at work so Rachel gets 2 4 oz bottles of formula a day. She doesn't seem to mind and will actually take a bottle from me. Sometime this month I plan to transition the second bottle to a sippy cup since she seems to need a snack around then as well.

Out of her infant carrier and in her big girl car seat. She seems happier now and loves to play in the car and stare at Ryan while I am driving. her favorite game is to remove her hat and wave it aruond victoriously until I call her out on it and then she stops and looks like "how does she know what I am doing???" - I have a mirror!

still loves riding around in the sling. I use it whenever we go somewhere with a single kid cart or if I just don't want to deal with the double stroller.


What can I say that hasn't been said before? Ryan is still cracking me up all the time, but he is also challengin me at every turn! Rob says it is because he is just like me an when he gets an idea in his head there is no changing his mind. He is probably right :)

Also, can anyone tell me why he feels the need to SQUEEZE his sister???? OH and knock her down all the time? It is driving me crazy!!!

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