Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Update

What a great, but tiring, weekend we had!!!
Friday after work Ryan and I went shopping to spend the $20 his Aunt Renee gave him for Easter. We gought all kinds of cool toys for outside including golf clubs! I would love to show you a picture of Ryan "golfing" but I have no idea where the camera is and I keep forgetting to ask Rob where it is!
After Ryan was in bed I went and did some shopping. I got some great deals on summer clothes for Ryan at Kohl's. I also bought him his summer sandals, but they are still too big!! I am torn - should I buy the smaller size and hope his feet don't grow at all this summer? Or should I stick with the bigger ones and let him trip around in them for a few months and hope he grows into them? The difficulties of a slow growing child :)
Saturday morning we went to the zoo with my friend Pam and her 8 month old son, Tyler! Everyone had lots of fun! Ryan showed off all his animal names and noises and just had a great time over all! I walked myself into some serious back pain though!!!!
Saturday night we celebrated my father-in-laws birthday. It was a typical family gathering and I could write an entire post about it, but really what's the point? No amount of complaining will ever make any of them change and I am tired of trying. For the most part I try to let grandparents be grandparents, but my 2 biggest pet peeves came into play Saturday.
1. Ryan suddenly has very little interest in sitting at the table and enjoying a meal with his family. This makes me very sad as I used to lvoe our meal times together, but as soon as he starts to misbehave we clean him up and let him down. He is slowly learning that it is no fun to be away from the table while everyone else is eating! There is no one to play with! Unless we are at my in-laws. Then my FIL jumps right up and starts playing with him! UGH! No wonder my nephew was 5 before he was able to sit through a meal!
2. Ryan loves to ask for snacks! I know I have mentioned this before. So there we are just about ready to leave. Ryan is all ready for bed and has already brushed his teeth and he asks for raisins. My MIL then asks if he can have them, to which I said no. Come on! Not only does he NOT need the snack, but he doesn't need something sticky after he has brushed his teeth! He will fall asleep on the way home and then sleep with sticky sweet raisins on his teeth! Her response to Ryan? "your mommy said 'no'. Grandma would let you have them!" UGH!
I can't win....
Sunday was boring. Grocery store, naps (yes I took one too!), and the playground....
I really need to post some pictures soon, but again, that would require me finding the camera!!!